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Specializing in comprehensive medical billing and consulting services
for independent physicians in the New York Metropolitan area

The medical billing process continues to be complex, tedious, and frustrating…and there is no end in sight.


Those of you who practice solo or in small groups are finding it increasingly challenging to continue to practice medicine independently. Systemedic was founded to address your specific needs.

Not only do we assume, manage, and administer the granular minutiae of the billing process to maximize reimbursements, minimize audits, and increase collections, but also and most importantly, we synthesize our process into your current structure.

Our goal… to enable you to focus on being a doctor… while having access to the sophisticated financial management services seemingly available only to large groups and hospital-based practices.



Don't let independent practice become a thing of the past.

Call Systemedic to make YOUR private practice a thriving, profitable reality.

169 South Main Street

Suite 349

New City, NY 10956

Phone: (845) 639-0007

Fax: (845) 634-9125

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The Billing Saga

These questions are among those that we monitor each day:

  • You are receiving the correct and complete reimbursement based on your insurance contracts?

  • You are linked to the best fee schedules available to you through hospital or other professional organization affiliations?

  • Your staff has the time and expertise to question insufficient or denied payments?

  • Your current insurance claims are at least 90% current, with only a small percent of your accounts receivable over 120 days old?

Our extensive experience in facilitating the claims process results in expedited payments and increased cash flow.


We attribute our success to the partnerships that we develop and cultivate with our physicians.

We pride ourselves on being a seamless extension of your back office operations. YOU control the process without having to devote time and resources to billing activities.

There are no one-size fits all solutions with us. Outsourcing this cumbersome process to us frees your staff to more effectively focus on critical patient-centered services.


With more than 25 years of hands-on experience in the day-to-day management of solo and small group practices, we know how to make the system work for you. We demand relentless persistence to guarantee prompt, accurate, and complete payment.

Solo practices and small groups

All Primary Care Practices
Non-surgical specialties
Select surgical practices

Claims entry, scrubbing, and submission
Payment posting
Unpaid insurance claim follow up
Patient billing
Patient balance follow up



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